Reflections So Far

Now that I’ve been doing the challenge for 78 days (just looked that up, I haven’t been counting), I wanted to reflect on how my daily life has changed.  The changes that I deal with most often are taking the stairs and speeding less.  I constantly have to remind myself to slow down.  My favorite change has been starting this green blog.  I always look forward to writing blogs.

MegaphoneAlso, I want to give some shout-outs:
1) to Greg for helping me with some of the challenges and not moving out when I temporarily unplugged the router
2) to my Mom for working with me on some of the challenges
3) to my sisters for being my most frequent commentors

Looking forward to the next 287 days 🙂


5 thoughts on “Reflections So Far

  1. Michelle, I haven’t taken the time to comment about your blog. It’s terrific and I will try to find the time to read all your entries in the next few weeks. I have been an environmentalist most of my life but can always learn – you’ve given me great ideas already. Hope you see this comment sometime.

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