Grandma at Goodwill

Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to save a few dollars; plus it reduces your impact on the environment by keeping things out of landfills and reducing demand for new things.  I love stopping in at Goodwill stores to see what I might find- my favorite jeans, fashion scarves, dishes, lamps, decorations- they have a lot of good stuff if you just have time to look.

The other day when I was eating dinner with my parents and my Grandma, I heard about this awesome Goodwill find:  My Mom and Grandma went to Goodwill just for something to do.  Turns out that my Grandma spots a stack of Hummel Hummelplates.  I’m talking about the expensive, German-made, collectible plates that my Grandma happens to collect!  What are the chances?  Are they even real? After detailed scrutiny by my expert Grandma, she determines that they are in fact the real thing.  She was amazed to see that the price was only $6 per plate whereas the normal price is $25.99.  Naturally, she bought all 10.


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