Week 5- Take the stairs

Living on the 8th floor of an apartment building means that taking the elevator is an attractive option.  It’s quicker than the stairs and so much easier.  Unfortunately, using the elevator = more electricity = more coal burning = more carbon emissions.  Starting today, I will take the stairs more often. Image I will start easy- always walk down the stairs if I am alone and not carrying things.  Maybe after I get used to this I will do something really crazy and start walking UP the stairs too.

How much energy does an elevator even use?  Well, according to one source, if I skip the elevator 7 times per week, I will save a pound of CO2 emissions each month.  This is a small amount compared with how much CO2 we create, but each little bit counts.

For anyone following the modified Green Challenge, my Mom completed her 2nd change.  She cut open the end of her toothpaste tube and got 6 more uses out of it.  Also, as a reflection on my eco-laundry, this week I really noticed the effect when I only had half as much laundry as usual.  That means half as much detergent, half as much water, half as much energy used for the washer/ dryer, and half as much folding 🙂


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