Week 3- Do eco-laundry

This week, I will start to do eco-laundry.  For me, this means doing less laundry and using mostly cold water.  I already use a laundry detergent that is phosphate free.  In order to do less laundry, I will wear clothes more than once if they are not dirty/ smelly.  Also, today I started to use the cold water option, instead of hot.  I will keep the hot option for towels and sheets because they say that’s important and I believe them.

If this blog was a workout DVD- I would be doing the middle difficulty, my Mom would be doing the easy difficulty, and No Impact Man and Green as a Thistle would be Jillian Michaels.  With that in mind, if you are following the easier version of the Green Challenge you’d be interested to know that my Mom is starting her first green change this week.  She is using hankies instead of Kleenex at home.


4 thoughts on “Week 3- Do eco-laundry

  1. Nice comparison to the fitness world. I am definitely on the easy level; slow and steady wins the race. Nice job on the blog. i love you.

  2. I sure hope your Mom avoids the nasty cold/flu virus going around. It hit our house right after Christmas and I’m sure we went through several boxes of Kleenex in 10 days. Hankies wouldn’t have worked for us that week!

  3. This is my college version of eco-laundry: Step 1, wear all your clothes at least three times before you consider them dirty. Step 2, accidentally choose cold water and the least rigorous setting. Step 3, realize that your forgot to add detergent…but don’t do anything about it. 😀

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