Week 2- Buy green hand soap

This week I decided to buy eco-friendly hand soap (I didn’t have time to take down my Christmas tree).  After finding a lack of green soaps at Pick N Save, I went to Whole Foods.  They had so many green soaps it was overwhelming!  Should I get organic soap? Biodegradable soap? Soap in bulk packaging? Foaming soap that lasts so much longer?  All of the options had the basic qualities of eco-friendly soap: paraben free, sodium lauryl sulfate free, no animal testing, no artificial fragrances.  After at least 10 minutes of reading the packages for the various brands, I chose a refill sized container of 365 Foaming Hand Soap Lavender Blend which comes in a bottle made of 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.  It is made with biodegradable ingredients, and I will be able to use it in my existing soap container.


So what’s the difference between my old soap and my new soap?  I’m not a soap expert, but here’s my take on it:  The new soap doesn’t have parabens which are a group of chemicals that some scientists have linked to breast cancer.  The new soap has biodegradable ingredients meaning that it is easier on the water system.  So how’s the new soap?  I don’t know yet because I realized I want to wait until we use the last drops of the old soap.  I’ll let you know when I make the switch.


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