Milwaukee Brewing Company

They had an sticker on their screen about how they save water.

They had an sticker on their screen about how they save water.

In addition to the weekly Green Challenge posts, I’ll be posting other green things that I come upon.

Yesterday, one of my friends was visiting Milwaukee and we decided to do a brewery tour.  With a few other friends, we went to the Milwaukee Brewing Company expecting to have some beers and see the brewery.  We had no idea what a sustainable operation they run.  I was very impressed to hear about their second-hand boilers and how they use oil from Milwaukee area restaurants for energy.  They do lots of other things to make their business as sustainable as possible- go here to see their green initiatives: .  Also, I learned that aluminum is a much more eco-friendly package compared to glass.  Contrary to my original belief, almost all glass beverage bottles are single-use.  Glass is more difficult to recycle than aluminum, and aluminum is lighter in weight so it reduces carbon emissions associated with shipping.

For my week 2 change- I am debating between two ideas (biodegradable soap or composting my Christmas tree).  Eventually I’ll do both changes, it’s just a matter of which one I’ll do first and if I can find any soap that is green enough for me this week.  I’ll post again when I’ve made the decision and the change.


4 thoughts on “Milwaukee Brewing Company

  1. I didn’t know glass was worse for the environment than aluminum! I’ll keep that in mind whenever I get in my hippie mood. P.S, If you have not realized, I’m finally reading your blog. I really like it!

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