Week 1- Start a Green blog

My first task for The Green Challenge will be to start this blog.  Why is this an eco- friendly change?  Because it will motivate me to complete the remaining 51 changes and there is a chance that it will also motivate someone else to make an eco-friendly change in their own life.

I have to give a shoutout to Vanessa Farquharson who wrote the book Sleeping Naked is Green which was the inspiration for my Green Challenge.  Vanessa did an eco-friendly change every day for a year, and although I know I won’t reach the same level of green-ness that she did (I’m not going to sell my car), I am still looking forward to my Green Challenge.  


4 thoughts on “Week 1- Start a Green blog

  1. Michelle…you don’t have to SELL yur car..have dad help you convert it to recycle restaurant oil. A friend of mine bought a kit many years ago and still has a running vehicle…good luck!

  2. What a great idea Michelle! Tom and I try to do more environmentally friendly things too but making it into a challenge sounds fun! And I’m sure there is a lot I can change to become more green! I may just have to do some sort of personal green challenge of my own – thanks for the inspiration!

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